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Residential Window Replacement

Welcome to our family owned company, Vittro Sign Studio – Vittro Glass in Apex, NC.

We are recognized by home owners, realtors and clients as the most used company for residential window replacement.

This is because of our prices, quality product, and exceptional customer service with residential window replacement.

window replacement Before and After

residential window replacement before and after


When you should replace your residential windows?
1. If you noticed a failed weather seal broken (foggy window)
2. Mainly if you want to save on energy

You are at the right place if you are a:
1. Homeowner
2. Realtor
3. Sub-contractor
4. Remodeling specialist
Then let us help you with the project!



  1. The customer (homeowner) or the referral (a realtor) gets in touch with us by email or by filling out the “contact us” form explaining the need.
  2. In the mean time, the office will contact you to schedule an appointment to gather measurement(s) onsite.
  3. Our company will provide you a quote by the end of the next business day by email, text or phone call.
  4. When you are ready to place the order, a written form is needed like an email or a text saying that you accept the quote (number assigned) and would like to place the order.
  5. In the case the quote request a 50% deposit, We must collect it before placing the order.
  6. Regarding the quote that doesn’t need a deposit, the payment must be made on the day of installation (or at closing if the house is for sale).
  7. Once the order is in and ready for installation, We will notify you by email, text or phone call and we will offer you the next available date available.
  8. On the installation day, a payment must be present
    (Verify the type of payments we accept before the order is placed)
  9. At the end of the service, you will receive an email or text thanking you for allowing us to serve you and also if you like to provide a feedback about your experience with our company.
    It will be posted in this website under the “reviews” tab.

 We like you to have THE BEST experience ever!


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